Faces of 2017

​Really I’m just showing you my best selfies of this year.

I enjoyed playing with makeup this year. Cat eye and a neutral lip are still my go to, but I’ve been really enjoying eyeshadows too.

My favourite lip has been Makeup Revolution’s Noble lip kit and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette has featured heavily this year. I’ve also been loving the MAC burgundy x9 palette which features in selfie #3. I’ve tried new foundations and mascara and all sorts this year, some have become firm favourites and others were instantly bin-worthy.


My goal this year is to practice eyeshadow looks and head away from my smokey-eye, learn to cut crease and be more adventurous! I also want to share more about my faves and not faves on this blog and post some daily looks- so here’s to more selfies in 2018!


New year, same me.

I’ve never been one for big overblown resolutions. First of all I feel like it’s a weird that you should change yourself just because some dudes decided the numbers on the calendar should change at this time of year, but also I feel like people put too much pressure on themselves around New Years, and when those expectations are shattered it can be disappointing and damaging.

I have a friend in Facebook who has posted “new year, new me!” consistently for the last 10 years of her life. Imagine thinking you’re not good enough, every single year. It must be so mentally draining. This year she posted that she wasn’t doing it anymore, because it was depressing to read her failures every year and she was ready to finally make those changes, transform herself and really take control of her life *eyeroll*.

BUT I definitely think that if you’re ready to make some changes or set some goals, they’re for you and not for anyone else, you should go right ahead. I’m totally rooting for you! New Years seems like a sensible time to do that, to challenge yourself to be better, to improve- not change. And it’s very healthy to set goals, things to work towards, not forgetting that success isn’t linear.

So this year I am setting myself achievable and sensible goals, that I can track and change if and when I need to. Some of them are a little vague since I’m still ironing them out!

Financial goals:

  • Budget every month.
  • Pay off my credit card.
  • Earn money beyond my wage.

Blog goals:

  • Post weekly.
  • Self-host
  • Venture into other social media.

Personal goals:

  • Have a better work/life balance.
  • Start running again.
  • Travel somewhere I’ve never been.
  • Drink more water.
  • Exfoliate and Moisturise.

Some of these are so much more achievable than others and they may change over the year, but I’m looking forward to pushing myself a bit more and working towards them.

Happy New Year everyone and may 2018 be a year of love, growth and success x

Speaking of Lush…

In my last post I mentioned the ridiculous queue outside Lush in town on Boxing Day. So when I went in today I was really surprised to still see some Christmas stock with 50% off that hadn’t yet been snapped up. Now this isn’t the Lush mega-haul of my dreams (one day…) but I’m really pleased with the bits I got, and that I’ll get a few bargain-baths out of them.

I picked up 3 Shoot for the Stars bath bombs, 1 Golden Wonder bath bomb, a Santa’s Belly shower jelly and a Golden Wonder gift set that has another Golden Wonder bath bomb and a Man in the Moon bubble bar. The thing I’m most curious to try is the Snow Fairy naked shower gel (fingers crossed that it’s not just like a soap). I spent about £22 on this lot and I’ll add it to the Jingle Bells gift set my brother got me for Christmas.

I’m getting a bit of a collection going!

Do you hear what I hear?

Usually on boxing day I’ll lay in my pyjamas eating ferrero rocher, then have a bath in the afternoon and step into a fresh pair of pyjamas to waste my day eating left over turkey and listen to my brother’s argue. This year was a little different. My sister and I decided to pop into town since she needed to exchange some clothes and I was itching to check out the Lush sale. Lush is extortionate at full price nowadays so I was hoping to grab a bargain like I managed last year. Sadly when I got there the queue was outside the door and easily a 30 minute wait. My sister, in all of her wisdom exclaimed “no one needs a bath that badly!” And we turned on our heels and walked the other way.

So instead of Lush I popped in Superdrug and Boots to see if anything was worth getting.

In the last part of this year I have seriously eased off buying makeup, my last post from September (EEK) was actually the last thing I bought! BUT the sales have been calling me back.

So here’s what I got. Boots has a half price sale on all of their Christmas gift sets and Superdrug gifts are generally reduced, but to no set percentage.

In Superdrug I got this makeup revolution ultimate blush & light & contour palette.

Reduced from £20 to £3.99. I had my eye on this last year and was pleased when it was re-released for Christmas this year, but I didn’t want to put it down for Santa to get me since I knew it would be put on sale. The colours are pretty, not extremely pigmented, but I do like MUR highlighter and blush. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of use out of most of it anyway.

Next in boots I bought the NYX Beyond Basic set (£20 now £10), the Skinny Dip Lip Paints trio (£12 now £6), the Hello Super Spa Soap and Glory set (£20 now £10) and the Soap and Glory Party Popper set (£6 down to £3 I think).

I probably wouldn’t have bought any of these items full price, mostly because I feel like whacking a Christmas label on things bumps the cost up so much. But I do feel like I got lots of nice products for my money. The lip trio has applicators that push too much out, but are very nice, rich colours and I really like Soap and Glory products in general. I’m especially excited to try out the NYX palette though, the colours are really pretty.

Anyway, I have more makeup arriving from the John Lewis sale in a couple of days from BareMinerals and a couple of Benefit bits too.

Looks like my makeup dry spell is well and truly over!

Dripping Gold

I wanted to update with a few things I’ve bought in the last couple of weeks.

First being the makeup revolution I ❤ Chocolate Golden Bar. I saw this in store as my local Superdrug now has a much bigger makeup revolution/ I heart makeup line available in store. It cost £8.99 and not having to wait for delivery was a bonus. The packaging is very cute. I love the design of these palettes because of the large mirror and sturdy case. Also chocolate is delicious so it’s win-win.

The colours in the palette are mostly glittery neutrals. They’re nicely pigmented and there is a good selection of brown/gold tones in the palette. I love Golden and Cocoa the most so far, but colour payoff is very good with all of the shades I have tried. When I use this palette I have been using matte colours from other palettes alongside the colours in this one, as the shades are SUPER GLITTERY so not enormously daytime friendly. But I’m very happy with this purchase so far. I’ve said before that MUR eyeshadows are usually their best products and this palette is a verification of that.

Next I bought this cute denim fur lined jacket from primark for £20. It’s SO WARM. The fur lining is all on the inside, not just on the collar so it’s pretty much like wearing a full on coat. Can’t wait to get a tonne of wear out of this throughout the chilly autumn months.

And finally I got these Mickey Mouse badges. One is already on the denim jacket (if I’m wearing a denim jacket I may as well go full mid-90s) for £3 it’s a good selection they’re well made. Sometimes when I’m in primark now I feel like there’s a bit of Disney-overload. And some of the Disney products aren’t even particularly well made or nicely designed, so I’ve learnt to be much pickier about what I pick up. I’m not sure where I’m going to put all of these but I’ll update when I find them homes!

Thanks for reading!

Birthday Benefits.

My birthday was ages ago now. You know when you’re doing your thing, you blink and suddenly you’re a year older and no wiser! That happened! I got some lovely gifts for my birthday, I always do. So I thought I’d share my Benefit goodies wth you.

Benefit is really the first higher end brand that I fell in love with, the packaging is adorable and instead of saturating the brand with millions of products, they perfect a product and go with it. I dont think I have ever bought anything that was disappointing due to poor quality, which is why I always go back. As usual around Christmas, Benefit was offering some beautiful and good value gift sets, so when the boyfriend and I were in London we popped into John Lewis on Oxford Street for a look. I knew I needed some new Hello Flawless foundation but this Dolly Darling set caught my eye too.

 It came with the Porefessional full size, Roller Lash full size, Hoola bronzer in full size and also a small Gimme Brow. I think full price was around £45, however it’s now marked down in store in John Lewis quite considerably. I’ve been wanting to try Roller Lash for a while, and I am always on the hunt for my perfect primer so I picked it up. The girl who served us was so helpful. I wish I had made a note of her name because makeup counters intimidate me (probably not the only makeup addict this happens to!) and she was so nice. She even threw in a tester size Goof Proof Brow Pencil and a little Benetint.

I haven’t even gotten round to using it all yet, but I always feel like these Christmas sets are a real bargain, and great for trying out bits you wouldn’t usually buy. One thing I can say is that Gimme Brow has revolutionised my eye brows. Honestly, it’s probably my product of the year, so I’ll discuss it in my year round up post which is coming very soon!

5 realities of being a newly qualified teacher.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I qualified as a teacher in July. Since September I have been working full time as an NQT which has just been, so difficult. I’m not going to sugar coat it, I thought my in school training would prepare me for a full timetable but it has been quite the experience so far. Here are 5 things that I have learnt through this baptism by fire.

5 . When one deadline is reached, another one begins. There is no let up. You literally cannot enjoy the fact that you finally marked 25 GCSE questions last night, because there is no doubt a pile of year 8 assessments screaming your name. When you finally feel on top of that Everest sized to do list, 20 things must be added to the bottom.

4. You’ll get by with small victories.  SLT complimented your marking? Joe finally managed to get more than 3 out of 10 in a keyword test? Molly actually turned up with a pen? Ride those tiny victories until the next holiday my friend, you’re going to need those to remind you why you chose this career. Also, when everyone tells you it gets easier, you have to believe them.

3. Answer those emails now, or watch them get lost in a bottomless inbox vortex. A head of year suddenly wants a whole profile on one student. Write it straight away. Doesn’t matter if it’s rushed, as long as your main points are there they’ll get it and it’s better than nothing after the email is lost under piles of notices and cpd reminders and the deadline was 2 days ago but you had genuinely forgotten and now can’t remember anything you wanted to mention about said child.

2. Break isn’t really break. Oh you wanted a cup of tea and a wee did you? TOUGH. Hope your bladder is strong because you’ll be holding that for another couple of hours until lunch, if you get time at lunch that is.

1. When you say you’re going to do something: DO IT. There is no point threatening students. There is no point bargaining with students. Once you say you’re going to change that seating plan, do it. Once you say you’re going to call home, do it. Once you say you want to see everyone for a detention, do it. These are children, no matter what people say, they thrive with routine and consistency. You need to provide that for them.

The last two terms have been a rollercoaster of epic proportions. Like that one in universal studios where you can choose a song but times it by atleast 17. I’ve realised my career is now my life. There is no let up and balance must be found. How? I have no idea, but I’ll let you know when I work it out.